Thank you for visiting Planet XO Travel Blog. So here's the latest... Please read this through if you give a damn about the Internet...

To quote/paraphrase the folks at Paste Magazine:

Digital media is being choked to death by Google and Facebook’s ad monopoly ... independent websites, journalism sites, websites owned by individuals, content creators, videographers, blogs ... and so many others have paid the price for the insatiable greed of our Silicon Valley overlords and our feckless politicians and institutions who could do something to help the industry but refuse to enforce anti-trust laws already on the books.

It sucks. It sucks real bad.

So... The original content here at Planet XO Travel Blog written by an actual traveler person has been taken off the public web. If you want to read all the blog posts from Albania, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, and Vietnam you can by contacting me. I will give you access to the whole thing for one year at a decent price. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to know more and any general questions.

I would love to make the whole thing public again since that is what the web is supposed to be. Sadly between the theft of content and the inability to make just a basic livelihood without some sort of workable non-corporate chokehold ad/income system I just can't keep it all sitting out in public anymore. If you have a solution that isn't another version of the same old scam feel free to let me know.

Love to everyone who has read and enjoyed Planet XO Travel Blog and to all of you out there who are real people who care about other real people, their creations, and their livelihoods.

I recommend reading The Verge for tech news and feelings from Nilay and his amazing crew.

If you're interested in community-based social media without corporate malfeasance Mastodon is probably the easiest place to start. It's part of the Fediverse where people can connect from different sites and apps, share with other sites and apps, create and moderate their own spaces, and control their own feeds. It's very cool.

Here's where you can send me a message to buy access to hundreds of travel blog posts from Albania, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, and Vietnam, or just to have a human-to-human conversation about the state of the Internet or whatever else.